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Vattikuchi (2013) Tamil Movie Review | Vattikuchi Review | How is Movie Vattikuchi

Vattikuchi (2013) Tamil Movie Review at WWW.TAMILTVCINEMA.COM

But for the flat climax, Vathikuchi would have easily got a place in the list of most engaging commercial flicks

Cast: Dileepan, Anjali, Sampath, Jayaprakash, Jagan, Saranya ponvannan, Ravimariya…, Direction: P.Kinslin, Music: Gibraan, Produced: A. R. Murugadoss,
Vathikuchi Storyline
Racy entertainer with action and comedy

Debutant Director Kinslin has presented a story of an ordinary man whose life is targeted by three different groups of people for affecting their lives.
Shakthi (Dilipan) is a share-auto driver and lives in a suburban locality beyond Tambaram. He is in love with his neighbor Leena aka Meena (Anjali).
Shakthi’s acts of self defense and helping tendency incurs the wrath of conman Benny (Sampath), Jewelry shop owner Gangariya (Jayaprakash) and a few white color job youngsters (Jagan & co). They are on the road to kill him.
How Shathi wins over the three groups forms the rest.

Vathikuchi Script review
Kinslin has to be appreciated for his racy narration of a story that is as old as good winning the bad at last.
Leena a 9th std. drop out does not want accept the love of Shakthi since he is just 6th std. This makes the whole romance sequence entertaining. Leena and her friends’ experiences in their Spoken English course add adequate humor to the proceedings.
Non-linear narration works big time for this movie. Though we get to know who is the hero, who are the villains and what is the conflict between them within the first few minutes, the Director has succeeded in making us glued to the seats to know the reason for the hero’s enmity with each group.

The Second half has too many chasing and Action sequences which seem a tad more than required. The Climax somewhat disappoints since we expect Shakthi to use his brain than brawn in such a situation.

Vathikuchi Cast and crew:
Dileepan impresses as a debutant hero. His looks suit the image of a suburban youngster. He has also performed well in fight sequences. Anjali is at her comical best. Her attempts to tease the hero by explaining him the meaning of one or two English words she uses while speaking with him bring the roof down. She looks good as well.

Samapath and Jagan have done a commendable job. If Sampath excels in the bar scene Jagan grabs all eyes in the chase sequence where he takes efforts to retain his good name in the locality while chasing Shakthi.
Saranya Ponvannan and Raja are adequate while Jayaprakash has been wasted.
Gibraan’s songs are nice to listen but three out two songs fail to make an impact due to bad placement. Background music helps sustain the pace.
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